Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm Back!

I re-discovered my blog after....1 1/2 years. Wowwwwww. And it's pretty clear that I'm going to ditch it again so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Sumemer Musical Theater is about to start...I'm very excited and of course nervous, as per usual. I have a very...strong relationship with Summer Musical Theatre (I'm going to spell it like that from now on.) Strong is not the right word. Maybe the right word is, that's quite a difference. The thing is, smt has hurt me so much in the past, yet I still love it. I do not even doubt my all-enduring love, although last summer put out a little fire inside me. Perhaps I should blame Ryan? No, I don't think I should. But yes, I suppose you would not know this (it happened about 6 months after my last post on here) but I...wanted a part. Very badly. And I did not get it. It hurt a lot. And now, I'm almost completely over it and ready for another summer! Hooray! Am I apprehensive about casting? A little. But somehow I will always love you, summer musical.
I have recently taken some steps to become more of a performer and less of a person who tries to do everything and is only moderately good at each thing. SO. in the process of quitting cross country...I may not go through with it. I feel horrible now, so we'll see how that goes.
My friend Paige and I are reading a bunch of plays and the drama club at my school is writing an original play! The last meeting went...alright, I guess. I was proud of my idea but we might not end up using of course I got very upset and went to take a walk and no one knew where I was. Jordan sighed. But we still might use my idea!
I feel quite icky and unproductive because I have not been motivated to read any plays this past week. For shame. I feel better now, though, that I'm writing this post. Even if no one reads it.
I need to write,'s something I just NEED to do. It's hard for me to get started....well, it's hard for me to get started on anything this summer, it seems. I've been mind-blowingly lazy. But SMT will revive me.
I don't like when things change, but they always do, don't they?
I've decided just today that I want to go to England for college but that's probably not going to happen, eh? I'm not sure why I said "eh" (I want to go to England, not Canada, after all.)
I wrote an ode to Julianne Moore for English but I'm not sure where it is. Perhaps I will post it on here or on a note on facebook.
I don't like paragraphs. Why did I make paragraphs?
I was just reading Mackenzie's old blog. Or her new one? I'm not sure. It's so odd reading old things myself and others have written.
I can close my eyes and see Broadway. And it seems intangible.
Suddenly, I taste sushi! How exciting.
That is all I have to see for now. Perhaps I will use this as a place to write every day after SMT. Because I'm SURE you care so much :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

falling behind

i should have known this would happen. but is still hurts.

of course she got in, in the first place. of course i didn't even try.

and now, NOW! (thanks a lot andy) i keep falling more and more behind. it's better when i don't know. i can pretend she's not better than me. that i'm still good enough. but of course i'm not.

of course.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

hey friends

wow that's a pretty dumb title. haha you know how jessica always calls something dumb "crusty"? daniela said something dumb and jessica was like "crust! crust! crust!" hahahaha sigh...anyway

I'm thirsty!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Sorry about that post. I think it's funny. Well of course I do, I wrote it. Hehe. I've been making like REALLY cool roller anyone who wants to come over and make one with me just tell me and COME ON OVER!!! It would be SO MUCH FUN!!!
OK, well I've been blocking out school until today. You know, you refuse to think about it, you run out of the room covering your ears whenever you see a back-to-school commercial. Yeah. But today it became to real and I had to think about it.
ANd my thoughts were "ew. school. ewwwwww." WHy is it so lame? it like takes our lives and...and....and does CRUEL THINGS to them. I'm not sure how to explain it. but i mean, school is supposed to help you, right? And i feel so much more fulfilled and i have learned so much more over this summer than, like, all my school years put together. Isn't it dumb? We should be able to learn about things we care about.
Ok well that's my depressing little rant about school. And now to DISNEYLAND!!!
Ok homies, NO ONE has given me any ideas. Even mackenzie who posted 12 comments, forgot. GRR!!!
I'm thinking about posting lyrics but I'm not sure if they'll bore you....ok I'll give you some really interesting ones. i don't really feel like it. lol sorry about that.
so all y'all who are starting school soon, big surge of sympathy out to you. ANd if you're feeling deprssed CALL ME!!! Or just pretend I'm there. WOuld that make you feel better? I dunno...if I was depressed and I pretended Yasameen was there I'd like immediately be cheered up. Do I have the same personality as Yasameen??? WILL THIS WORK??? i dunno...
welll folks...I best be goin'

Delicious little post-y

Marilyn thought that was SO funny. "Ha, ha." she said. "I think that is SO funny."
Unfortunately, Brian, her ex-husband heard her and leapt out from behind a bush.
"Bam" he said. "I blowed you up."
Marilyn stared at him blankly, at a loss for what to say. BECAUSE SHE WAS DEAD!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The Craziest thing happened to me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO I was on this disneyland website and you can tell them all the rides you want to go on and they'll print out a map for you!!! that is so cool!!! ok well for ME it was cool. HI cheyenne! I have to say hi now because I don't want to call you again and bother you lol. (To fill you in folks, I keep calling's fun.) OH! And I have this AWESOME roller coaster CD that I keep using to make AWESOME roller coasters. lol

So, I have to clean my closet for another hour todays which sucks, but I got The Lookout from netflix!! Go watch the trailer on youtube!

So...I have an idea. If any of you have any ideas of random things you want me to do at Disneyland just tell me and i'll do them. It'll almost be like actually being there! Ok, maybe not. But we really should plan a little thing where all of us buddies go to disneyland together!!! That would be so fun!! I am so serious!! We should do it!!!! Look at your calendars!!!! ANyway, so just tell me random things you want me to do at disneyland (e.g. do the star wars gangsta rap as I'm going down the splash mountain drop. something like that.)

so...yeah. Hmmm i think that's all I have to say. oh and this isn't the post i emailed you about. you have to read this one AND the one before it. I did 2 in one day!!
see ya


lol I haven't posted for a while, huh? Well, yeah cuz I was doing SMT which is the funnest thing ever!! Yeah...I'm listening to the last 5 years right now, you ALL have to go on iTunes and buy a few songs from it. I would say buy Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You, Climbing Uphill, A Summer in Ohio, and....A Miracle WOuld Happen if you like love songs lol. Which I do. Also, you all need to buy Finale B from RENT. And Mama WHo bore me from Spring awakening. ok tht's it.

I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND IN 12 days!! WOO! i'm really excited. if you know me at all, you know i loooove disneyland. I've been kinda bored...cuz SMT's over and I have nothing to do. Hey I might try out for LACHSA!! actually i AM trying out for LACHSA i've decided that. But they don't take many tenth i probably won't get in.

ANyway, I FINALLLy saw Amelie!! It was totally worth waiting forever. Also, I saw Rocket Science which is in theaters now and you ALL have to watch the trailer on youtube.

Sorry, I realize I'm commanding you to do a lot of things...and that for some of you I've already told you to do these thigns. So sorry.

"i don't know how anybody survives in this life without someone like you." that's a nice quote. It's from the song I'm listening to.
ooh this is the good part.
"i want to be your wiiiiiiiiiife. I want to bear your chiiiiiiiiild. I want to die knowing I had a long full life in your arms....that I can do....forever with you....forever....forever.....Jamie....'til the world explodes....til there's no one left who has ever known us apart....."

Ok sorry I'll stop now. Oh, and this is the last time I'll talk about movies in this post (sorry I have to) but I need to plug my friend's movie!! Actually it's her dad's movie, he wrote and directed it!! it's called resurrecting the champ and it's coming out friday!! woot!! everyone go see it! (sorry, another command.)

Ok, so my parents were like "if you clean you room, you can have a laptop!!" woo!! So I've been cleaning my room for like 3 weeks lol...and I'm not done yet.

Goofy is my favorite disney (person). Lol that's in parentheses cuz he's not really a person. Ok...wellnow I have i have to do the deep philosophical part of my blog because that's what everyone else does...sigh...grr!ok here goes

ACk I want to tear My LIFEEE into PIEces and DIIIIEEEE and jump into an endless hole where my memories fade into thje BLACK behind ME!!!! AHH!!!! As I tear into oblivion I START A NEW FUTURE WITHOUT REGRET!! WOOT!!!

Ok, I'm glad that's over. hmm...i suppose that kind of stuff isn't really for me...YASAMEEN WHERE ARE YOU>?? cheyenne got back and yuo're like gone. No you're not. but I haven't talked to you forever. h. uh...yeah

Oh, also i got a callback for Big River (for YOUng Fool!) and then I didn't get the part. lol. sucks. it's ok though...they might be starting WMT!!! (winter musical theater!!) tummy tummy....

oh yeah...and last thing before I friend posted these videos of me singing nd dancing on youtube. Here they are.
just copy and paste the way the person sitting next to me is Marilyn and the one off-camera who randomly starts singing "Joanna" is ashley. lol. and we're at paseo NOT universal Studios.

love y'all
ya'll rock
have good days
"without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterdays"
"I'll have the pizza!" *cheer from audience*